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In 2016, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics supported the decision to start the research and development project and create the Center of Sematic Integration as a collaboration platform in the sphere of semantic interoperability that provides the expert community with the information and methodology, special tools and necessary organizational and regulatory support. The center will join the working groups, scientific teams, developers, providers of information and information exchange specialists.
The project is aimed to achieve the following objectives:
  • Research, approbation and implementation of modern approaches to the management of semantic assets, formation and dissemination of standards, as well the development of methods and tools for semantic integration based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) together with the (re)use of semantic assets to provide semantic interoperability.
  • Creation of the Center of semantic integration – a collaboration platform for cataloging and management of semantic assets, which will equip expert community with the set of tools and services for information exchange modelling, transformation of open data to LOD, data comparison, analysis and visualization. The platform will also provide informational, methodical, organizational and regulatory support in the field of semantic integration.

The Center of Semantic Integration will become the platform for the approbation of new technologies and research results on the following directions:

  • Semantic Assets Management;
  • Open Data 2 Linked Open Data;
  • Information Sharing and methods of integration
  • Semantic Web Services;
  • Creation, support and development of data interpretation models.

The University and the project team are opened for international collaboration, promotion of knowledge and experience exchange in the sphere of semantic interoperability with universities, the expert working groups and other developers all over the world.