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E-government as a system of system

We live in a socio-technical system of systems. A City, a town, or a village is a system, which is headed by an elected or appointed governor, the head of the administration or the mayor (executive body). It has its own local elected parliament, representing the population (the legislature). They have their own budget and public support systems, independent from other cities, connected by infrastructure of roads, rivers, air and waterways. This Infrastructure in general provides the existence of such system of systems, limited by administrative boundaries of the district, the region or the state border.

There is no doubt that in a short time, the term "system of systems" will go down in the lexicon of Russian officials, and anyone who has a particular relevance to the creation of complex socio-technical state electronic systems. Applying the "system of systems" approach will actually optimize system development of public and municipal services in electronic form, as well as the mechanisms of this system, which seems to be the most important task for Russian government for today.

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